For years many things have been shipped across the Atlantic Ocean, to Sweden, Finland, Norway, and many other countries. The uncertainly is always there: To be in Sweden and buying something from USA only seeing the object in a picture and then wire transfer money to an unknown person in the US.
Many have wondered:
  • Is the paint like what I was told?
  • Is there really no rust on the car like I was told?
  • How do I get the car transported to the harbor?

There are many unanswered questions.

Well, that’s where HOT ROD Export fits in! We are a few Swedes that have lived here in the US for many, many years. Cars, motorcycles and boats are something we all have as a job or hobby.

We have shipped anything from BBQ Smokers, overhauled show cars to world-class racecars for 30 years. To make business more effective and safer we have now joined together under one name, HOT ROD EXPORT.
HOT ROD EXPORT can help you with:

  • Inspection before buying
  • To find what you are looking for
  • To close the deal
  • Transport of purchased items to the harbor and loading.
  • Issues with Customs
  • Customize the vehicle in the US before shipping.
  • Importing of vehicle in the country you reside, customs etc.
  • Final inspection, with anything to make the car ready for you to ENJOY!
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